Modi takes to poetry to highlight his vision for new India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi described India’s progress under him and his vision for the country through poetry, saying “we are breaking chains” and are “determined to soar above the sky and build a new India”.

“Hum tod rahe hain zanzeerein, hum badal rahe hain tasveerein; ye navyug hai nav Bharat hai, khud likhengein apni taqdeerein (We are breaking chains, we are changing pictures; this is a new era, new India, we will write our own destiny),” he said in his Independence Day speech. As he laid down his vision for a new India, audience broke into applause.

“We have made a commitment, we have dedicated our body and soul, we are determined that a new Sun must rise and we must soar above sky, we have to make a new India,” Modi said.