Not the time to fight

Kerala is floating, or sinking, to be more precise. At this hour of crisis, tension is brewing between Kerala and Tamilnadu over the Mullaiperiyar Dam.

Though the dam row has been there for decades, this is certainly not the time to fight over it and the Chief Ministers of the two States should find an amicable solution, temporary one at least, at the earliest, without wasting time in letters and arguments.

As far as the latest issue is concerned, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has written to his Tamilnadu counterpart Edappadi K Palaniswami seeking his intervention to reduce the water level in the Mullaiperiyar dam in Idukki district to 139 feet.

According to Vijayan, Tamilnadu engineers in charge of the dam were not cooperating with Kerala in this matter.

The catchment areas of the dam were continuing to receive heavy rainfall. The water level in the dam, which is now at 142 feet, has to be regulated taking into account the safety of the structure.

Moreover, from Kerala’s point of view, the abrupt release of water from the 142-level mark would lead to large-scale destruction in the downstream areas.

Although the dam is located in Kerala, it serves and is operated by Tamilnadu, and Kerala has for long been demanding de-commissioning of the dam which has over the years developed leaks.

However, the latest rains and floods have proved that Tamilnadu’s arguments are right, as the dam stands strong and steady despite nature’s worst fury in the recent decades.

And now, by keeping politics aside, the two States should stand united in the interests of people in Tamilnadu and Kerala.