Madhya Kailash connect with Kasi and Rameshwaram

Chennai: At a busy junction in city, where Rajiv Gandhi Expressway meets Sardar Patel Road lies Madhya Kailash.

“The name Madhya Kailash is derived from the fact that the temple is situated between the North Kailash (Kasi) and South Kailash (Rameshwaram) and not because it is located at the middle of the junction,” said a temple priest, who wished not to be named.

The temple is managed by the HR&CE. “The temple is considered to be in equal terms with Kasi and Rameshwaram because everyday at 12 noon, Pithru poojas are being conducted like how it is done in Kasi and Rameshwaram,” said the priest.

“During that time, rice to Lord Vishnu is offered that is made into a ball and is taken to God Surya shrine and offered to the crows,” he said.

The temple’s history stretches back to 1970s. “It was at that time when the Central Leather Research Institute was constructed. At that time a Swayambu Vinayagar idol was unearthed. It was installed on a small platform in the temple and was worshipped.  Later after a few years, the temple was constructed at the present place under the guidance of Sri Kanchi Mahaperiava,” said the priest.

The main idol of the temple is Ananda Vinayagar. It also has some very rare and peculiar deities. One is Adhyandha Prabhu, who is a combination of Lord Vinayaga on the right and Lord Hanuman on the left, similar to Ardhanareeshwara.

“Adhyandha Prabhu cannot be seen in any other temple and only Madhya
Kailash temple has this idol that makes the temple special,” he said
adding that it was sculpted as a similar image appeared in the dream
of one of the priest when the temple was being constructed.

The temple is open everyday from 6 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 8 pm.