Shiv Sena member murdered at Washermenpet

Chennai: A man was murdered at Washermenpet this morning after an acrimonious argument.

According to the police, Karthick Raja (32), a resident of T H Road, Old Washermenpet, was murdered by his relative, Elumalai.

Karthick was a priest at Adhi Parasakthi Ellaiamman Koil and was said to be a member of the Shiv Sena party.

The police said last night, Elumalai came to the temple and asked for money from Karthick for his friend’s wedding. Karthick asked him why he was helping his friend when his wife was on the verge of leaving him.

Offended by this, Elumalai argued with him and then left the temple. He later returned drunk and saw Karthick sleeping near the temple at 4.30 am today. He smashed his head with a stone and stabbed him on his neck.

The temple is hardly 200 metres from the nearest police station and he was arrested.