Chennai residents join together to save Chitlapakkam lake

A section of the residents who took part in the Nadandhadhu Enna event held in Chitlapakkam.

As many as 250 residents took part in the awareness and protest event titled ‘Nadandhadhu Yenna’ organised by Chitlapakkam Rising at Varadharaja Theatre junction recently.

The main focus of the event was to press the Kanchipuram Collectorate and Panchayat Officials to recover and rejuvenate the Chitlapakkam lake.

The members also spoke about how questioning tender anomalies, resulted in foisted cases and arrest of two of the volunteers.

“We have determined to continue our fight to recover the lake and make officials do their job,” said Govindrajan, a member of Chitlapakkam Rising.

It is to be noted, a similar event organised on 19 August, enabled the beginning of the cleaning of garbage from the lake.

A Yemadarma skit was conducted during the event highlighting the need for questioning, songs by school kids emphasised the need to be fearless and a plethora of speeches by group members, associations and NGOs such as Arappor was held.

The event started with a thundering beat of the Parai and ended with a roar of slogans on need to save the lake and the rights to question.

“People movement is being aware of what is happening in the locality and wants to make neighbourhood better. Questioning is a right that everyone must exercise,” said Jayaram of Arappor.