Hidden cameras found at a lodge in Periamet

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Chennai: In yet another case, police found hidden cameras at a lodge in Periamet. Based on a complaint of a customer, a police team visited the lodge located at Muthu Street.

Periamet Inspector Sivarajan visited the lodged and found cameras installed in the verandha. When he checked the footage, he realised the cameras angles were conveniently kept facing the bedrooms capturing everything happening in the privacy of the room occupants.

When the police asked the lodge management, they said for safety purposes and nothing was illegal was taking place.

However, based on the complaint and inquiry, they agreed to remove the cameras. It may be noted that in December last year, Sampathraj alais Sanjay, the owner of a ladies hostel in Adambakkam was arrested after he kept hidden cameras in every nook and corner.

The hostel was just two-months old and the incident came to light after a woman software professional, joined the list of tenants. Police said the girl was paranoid about safety. She found a hidden camera when she tried to plug in a hair dryer and found the camera in the plug socket.

Subsequently, she informed the police. To the shock of the inmates, police found secret cameras fixed in the shower, dressing table mirror, lamps and switch box in the bedroom. Police arrested Sampathraj, who was found to be involved in several cheating cases.