Lack of fencing at Keelkattalai canal poses risk to motorists

While Vanuvanpet Odai has turned out to be the cause for concern for the residents of the northern neighbourhood, Keelkattalai canal has taken its place in the south, thanks to heavy accumulation of garbage and lack of adequate fencing from the Medavakkam Main Road.

Residents said due to the canal not being fenced, it poses as a great risk for motorists just like the Vanuvampet Odai.

Speaking to News Today, Keelkattalai resident K Narayanan, said, “This canal drains rainwater collected from Keelkattalai and Echangadu into Keelkattalai lake. But it is now choked with garbage especially near Medavakkam Main Road bridge right after crossing Echangadu junction. People have dumped even old sofas into the waterbody. Even the feeble amount of water present in the canal isn’t able to flow freely.”

“While the canal has been left unprotected throughout its course, it poses a great risk for motorists at its intersection at Medavakkam Main Road. The parapet wall on the bridge is small and doesn’t cover the entire width of the waterbody. If motorists are not careful enough, they might land inside the waters which are over eight-feet deep and filled with stones. So, I request authorities to reconstruct the parapet wall and prevent people from dumping garbage,” he added.

The resident also requested for regular cleaning of the road near the canal’s intersection so that there are no accidents. “While conservancy workers regularly clean the roads and remove the fine sand, I could hardly see them doing the same near the canal. I request authorities to expedite the cleaning process here,” he ended.

This news report is based on the inputs of K Narayanan, a resident of Keelkattalai. He is our Neighbourhood Journalist of the Week.