Engineer in Chennai quits job to become farmer

Chennai: Farming has always been a part of mankind. Though it is tiring work, in the end, the fruits of the labour are gratifying. This may be the sole reason why Archana Stalin, a resident of Saligramam, quit being an engineer to become a farmer.

Along with her husband, Archana runs Harvest Farms, encouraging people to grow their own food, get involved in cultivation by providing them seeds, organic fertilisers and soil free of cost.

Speaking to News Today, the husband and wife duo say that ‘myHarvest Farms’ organisation acts as a facilitator between farmers and consumers by offering consumers a monthly pack of vegetables which is provided via home delivery service.

Archana says that in the beginning, she laid out a terrace garden. “I also used to help many others set up their own terrace garden in their homes,” says Archana.

Feeling happy with the fruits and vegetables that grew in her garden, she decided to expand her hobby with her husband’s support. The duo soon started an organic farm at Tiruvallur.

When asked about the advantages of organic farming, Archana lists them out: “Organic farming is based on managing the agro-ecosystem rather than relying on external farming inputs such as pesticides and fertilisers. Organic farming does not allow the growth of genetically-modified plants. It preserves nutrients of the soil, restores degraded soil and prevents soil erosion. Organic produce is richer in minerals and micronutrients. It supports pollinators and gives a healthier working condition for farmers.”

She then emphasised that organic plants are even resistant to pests and diseases. “Fertilisers are created on site. Organic farming helps in diversifying the cultivated products. It also stores carbon in healthy soil and supports a natural eco-system,” she says.

Archana can be reached at 82200 43502.