Take a heritage walk inside Chennai Anna Nagar VR Mall (video)

Chennai: There is a new landmark and a newer experience in the metropolis. VR Mall Chennai has launched ‘Kathai, Kalai, Parampariyam’ walks on its premises. Curated by Virtuous Retail, the heritage walk was inaugurated by city historian V Sriram Sunday.

According to a press release from VR Chennai situated in Anna Nagar, its copyright Virtuous Retail philosophy is ‘Connecting Communities’ and it believes in ‘creating lifestyle centres that bring people together and strengthen social pride while reflecting local heritage and traditions’.

VR Chennai’s design was inspired by the ancient temples of Tamilnadu. It collaborated with local artists and artisans such as Kalarings Art Studio, Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Klove Studio, Satish Gupta and Sri Sankara Silpa Sala.

Siddarth Yog, founder and chairman, Virtuous Retail, said: “VR Chennai weaves together the folklore and history of the region through a curated blend of art, architecture and design.”

Now the three walks:

The Kathai walk explores the tales of the Dasavatharam, the 10 manifestations of Lord Vishnu.

The Kalai walk showcases the indigenous art and architecture of the region incorporated in the design of the centre, like gopurams, pillared mandapams and the bell installations at each of the four entrances.

The Parampariyam walk depicts the traditions and history of Chennai in the form of maps, motifs, coins and seals, detailing the evolution of the city from 250,000 BC till the present day.

The walk will be held weekly, says the release.

Photos and video: A R Jayakumar