Food delivery executive assaults customer at Ashok Nagar

Chennai: A delivery executive of a popular food ordering platform has allegedly assaulted and robbed a customer at Ashok Nagar here.

Balaji (42), a realtor, has filed a complaint with the Ashok Nagar police that he had placed an order with the platform and received his food late at 9 pm Sunday.

When he demanded an explanation the food delivery executive, identified as Rajesh (20), he claimed that he was confused over the delivery address.

This resulted in an argument, Balaji claimed and added that four others, who were with the delivery executive, manhandled him and snatched his gold chain worth 10 sovereigns.

Police said they were looking into the complaint made by Balaji and have got the CCTV visuals of the incident. They are trying to trace the address of Rajesh.