App by fashion designer Purvi Doshi helps you trace a clothes’ origin story

Purvi Doshi

For the past few months, calls for action on climate change and pollution have rumbled streets across the globe. The echoes for sustainability and eco-friendly products has also wrapped the fashion industry. Renowned fashion designer Purvi Doshi known for her sustainable clothing label, “Purvi Doshi'”recently launched the “Traceability” app, hoping to bring in transparency.

This unique app offers a user the source map, land where the cotton grew and textiles had been woven, names, pictures and beautiful stories of weavers, dyers, spinners, tailors. Following the theme of her label – sustainability – the app aims to provide users with origin story of clothes they wear. In an email conversation with News Today, Purvi Doshi speaks about the application.


Screenshot of the Traceability App

1) What made you start an app for your fashion business?
The Traceability app is not an app for our fashion business but for the traceability in fashion business. The thought of creating this platform came through world-renowned fashion revolution, “Who Made my clothes?”. It is a fundamental right of consumers to know what they are putting on their bodies is made in dignity and not misery. So in support of “Who Made my clothes?” we launched the Traceability app for bringing more transparency in fashion.

2) There are several brands having their own App. What makes Traceability different from others?
Traceability is not a fashion business app like any other fashion brand apps where we are showcasing our new collections or promoting our products. Traceability is a major step forward where we have given complete transparency for the cloth that you are wearing.

You get all the details like what crop has been used, where the yarn has been made, who has dyed it, who has woven the fabric and finally who has stitched it. Traceability app is not to promote any fashion business rather more to promote our artisans as by giving complete transparency they will also be known more.

A model wearing Purvi Doshi’s collections

3) What do you wish to achieve through this App?
As a consumer, if you buy food, you would want to know the complete details of what are the ingredients, what is the manufacturing company and date.

So why not in fashion? The basic motto to create this app was having more transparency in fashion. Today there are a lot of people claiming their fashion to be sustainable and their fabric to be pure or organic, but many a time it might not be true.

Traceability is a platform that gives the consumer full trust in the brand that they are buying and in the clothes that they are wearing. We wish that other brands also follow our footsteps and join the community of traceability which actually will be a big change in the fashion world.

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