‘Body building: A wild card to govt job’

Sports generally demands persistent efforts. But body building demands severe physical and mental agony. Constant toil, genuine guidance and uncompromising diet is crucial for building alluring body. L Prakash(20), a resident of Pallavaram is the gold grabber in body building with his flawless well built torso shares his experience, struggles and future plans with News Today.

Excerpts from the interview:
Q: What is that impulse that made you step into body building?
A: The quest to get placed in a Central Government job was the reason I found myself in body building in the first place. Body building is an added credit to receive lot of job opportunities from Centre under the sports quota.

Q: Can you tell us about your achievements?
A: My journey in body building initially started with bagging silver in district level body building in 2018 and it took a sharp turn when I grabbed silver in Mr Tamilnadu recently. However, I have participated in four Tamilnadu events in which I have secured silver in two. I have placed gold in All India University selection conducted by University of Madras recently.

Q: Who is your inspiration?
A: I admire S Bhaskaran who was conferred with the esteemed Arjuna Award this year. He is a body builder and he secured first place in Mr World and undoubtedly he is my inspiration.

Q: What is that one thing which is always off in body building?
A: One thing that always makes me despondent is that finding sponsorship, it is not easy. The financial input would be completely from our side until we reach a steady position in body building.

Q: Do you have a special diet?
A: Yes, we have two sessions – cutting session and bulking session where in bulking session we would take more of carbohydrates paired with rich fat foods. On the other hand, during cutting session we would take food rich in proteins. Many body builders are completely dependent on supplements. But as the name suggest, it can be only used as a supplement and depending on it completely would not help in the long run.

Q: How many hours do you work out daily?
A: We work out daily about two hours and the session will be intense during the time of competitions.

Q: What motivated you to strive hard?
A: It is true that people will only notice, recognize and respect you when you achieve something. The same is motivating me to keep striving in this phase of torment.

Q: Are your parents supportive?
A: Certainly. I wouldn’t be in this place if my parents aren’t supportive throughout this struggle of mine. My mother prepares food six times a day based on my diet plans. And it is perfect happiness to see my parents’ face fill with pride when I’m on the stage for my competitions.

Q: Do you think, there is internal politics involved in body building?
A: Undeniably (chuckling) in every sports, politics is involved.

Q: Life before and after body building?
A: Like any other college student, I was just ordinary among my friends and family before body building. But now I’m famed for my body and flourishing development in body building. I’m renowned in my locality now.


(Written by Afrin Fowmitha)