Editorial: Welcome rules

The School Education Department has formed new guidelines for government school teachers on less usage of mobile phones during working hours. A team will be constituted to monitor teaching and non-teaching staff. Based on the reports, action will be initiated against the violators, an education department official said, adding, checking will be done to ascertain whether students come to schools with mobile phones.

The official also said that a new guideline has been formed for minimum usage of mobile phones by teachers in the schools. To ensure that students are healthy and hydrated, ten minute breaks at regular intervals will be given between classes for them to drink water, said State Education Minister KA Sengottaiyan. We want to ensure the children are healthy and we are taking steps towards ensuring there is adequate drinking water available across schools as well, he said.

Kerala already has a system of ringing a “water bell” which serves as a reminder for students to drink water. Starting January next year, government schools in Tamilnadu will dedicate one period every week to enhance the spoken English skills of its students. The announcement was made by the School Education Department. Such initiatives are the need of the hour. It would go a long way in ensuring quality education and all-round development of children.