Stinky Meenambakkam subway irks commuters

Chennai: Suburban residents allege that the stench of stagnant water from the pedestrian and vehicular subway connecting the Meenambakkam railway station is tainting the place.

It may be noted that the subway also links with the Grand Southern Trunk Road. Commuters from Nanganallur, Madipakkam and Meenambakkam use the facility to reach Chennai International Airport. Pathetic state of this pedestrian subway pushes passer-byers to cover their face while using it.

“Even when there is no rain, one can still see stagnant water all over the subway. Water leaking from the roofs and walls of are the reason behind it. A person is lucky, if the water doesn’t drip on his clothes and stain them,” says Praveen Kumar, an office-goer.

Commuters also state that the subway remains dark even during broad daylight. “The subway and the narrow lane connecting with the railway station and Meenambakkam Metro is unsafe, not only at nights, but at daytimes also. The authorities should come forward to improve the lighting facilities,” says Anu Priya, a college student and a resident of Nanganallur.

Adding to this, bike riders using the subway complaint of it being slippery. Nikhita Surya, a college student from the locality says, “Water dripping from the railway tracks above makes the three humpy speed brakers of the subway more dangerous. The subway is becoming more accident-prone these days due to water leakage.”

Authority in-charge of Meenambakkam Railway Station says that the subway is cleaned at periodic intervals and necessary measures are being taken to ensure the safety of the public.

It may be noted that residents also complain of encroachments along Pazhavanthangal railway station underpass and poor maintenance of the subway.

(Article written by Sureka Rajasekar)