Chennaiite is friend of animals, birds

Chennai: Jeya Pradeep, a resident of Mugappair and founder of Wild Animal Protection (WAP), a charitable trust, is on his journey by training many volunteers to love animals and birds.

Speaking to News Today, Jeya Pradeep said, ”Right from my childhood, I am very fond of looking after animals and birds. I have been to a list of places with my boys who are interested like me. We as a team safeguarded many animals and birds which are left deeply injured. We have also rescued and protected many animals particularly snakes.”

He added: ”We took special care on stray dogs which are harmed by humans. With the help of my team I took the most injured dogs to hospital and after getting them cured completely, we used to leave the animals in the same place where we found them. After finishing schooling, I wanted to start a trust for the welfare of the animals and birds. By furnishing all legal procedures I started the organisation with the support of a few like-minded people.”

”I worked hard for the trust and learned lot about the animals to train the volunteers to look after them. The interest, passion and dedication for the welfare of the animals is making me to set up a mini zoo in future. We are not only giving preference to animals and birds but also for plants which are important for them. Our team is planting saplings in many places to create good environment suitable for us, animals and birds. With this motive our trust has reached a great extent and it is well known to many people,” said the animal lover.

”My humble request to all the readers is not to harm any animals and birds. Try to contact us to protect and save them. Love nature, love animals so you will be loved by all,” he added.