40 killed in attacks in restive central Mali

Posted on   4:04 pm

Bamako, Feb 15 (AFP): Forty people, including nine soldiers, have been killed in a spate of attacks in central Mali, authorities said, with most of the deaths caused by inter-ethnic violence in the deeply troubled region. Thirty-one people were killed in an attack overnight in Ogossagou, a village mainly inhabited by Fulani people where 160 died last March in a massacre blamed on Dogon militiamen, the government said, raising the death toll. About 30 gunmen carried out the new attack, village chief Aly Ousmane Barry said.

She beats all odds

Posted on   3:36 pm

Here is a youngster, who despite diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, with the right guidance and support of parents, who are both doctors, battled the odds and is now an aspiring doctor. The youngster is the daughter of Dr B Vijayalakshmi, who specialises in dermitology.

‘Young Indians have positive role to play’

Posted on   3:10 pm

”Young Indians have a positive role to play not just in their own country but across the world. These young leaders inspire and guide us”, said Consul for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the US Consulate General in Chennai, Lauren Lovelace. She said this during a four-day capacity-building workshop for 33 youth leaders from the country in Chennai held between 10 and 14 February.

Aus bushfires extinguished, but climate rows rage on

Posted on   3:01 pm

Australia’s ‘black summer’ of devastating bushfires is finally coming to a close, but bitter arguments over how to tackle climate-fuelled disasters are raging on. When firefighters announced this week that all blazes in the hard-hit state of New South Wales were under control for the first time since September, the relief was palpable.

TN Rail infra chugs with Rs 2,812 crore

Posted on   2:52 pm

Southern Railway has announced that the budget allocation for infrastructure projects and safety works in Tamilnadu for the financial year 2020-21 is Rs 2,812 crore. According to a press release, the budget is 220 per cent more than the average annual budget outlay of 2009-14 (Rs 879 crore).