Editorial: No means no

The 21-day lockdown (curfew) enters third day today. The Chennai City Police have already registered 1,400 cases for various offences, including for violating prohibitory orders.

They have been making requests to maintain social distancing by staying indoors to help tackle the spread of coronavirus. Police have also been resorting to award novel punishments to desist those venturing out of their homes.

The police have also started seizing the two-wheelers besides warning those roaming in two- wheelers of being arrested. Chennai City Police Commissioner AK Viswanathan has issued strict warming to those who violate curfew. Many celebrities too have issued video messages asking people not go venture out of their homes. They have ensured Social Distancing as need of the hour.

However, many still roam outside.These people not only risk their lives but also put others in danger. They have not taken the warning seriously. They should look at countries like Italy, Spain and USA where thousands have died. Many are still battling for lives. A responsible citizen should stay indoor and make sure s/he follows government’s instructions. Prevention is always better than cure. Stay safe for a better tomorrow.