Follow lockdown to protect yourselves, says Modi

New Delh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today in his Mann Ki Baat said, “Coronavirus is bent on killing people therefore entire humanity must unite and resolve to eliminate it”.

He said, “I understand that no one wants to break rules deliberately, but there are some people who are doing so. To them, I will say that if they don’t follow this lockdown, it will be difficult to protect ourselves from the danger of Coronavirus.”

“We should take inspiration from all front-line soldiers in the fight against coronavirus, especially nurses, doctors, paramedics”, said Modi.

Modi added, “The fight against coronavirus is unprecedented, therefore we had to take unprecedented decisions”.

The Prime Minister praised bank employees, grocers, e-commerce delivery personnel, IT people for staying at work and helping people lockdown.

Social distancing doesn’t mean stopping of social interaction, I urge Indians to reconnect with friends and family.
He also said, “I apologise to people for the difficulties they are facing dye to lockdown now”.