21-day lockdown is not enough: Experts

New Delhi: A three-week lockdown to contain the rising cases of the deadly coronavirus and combat the COVID-19 is insufficient, according to a recent study by experts.

The coronavirus continues to infect people globally even as leaders across the world are implementing measures to contain the rapid-growing outbreak. Till yesterday, the COVID-19 positive cases has crossed 6 lakh and killed over 28,000 globally.

A research report, by the Institute of Mathematical Science Chennai and the University of Cambridge, clarifies that sustained periods of lockdown with periodic relaxation will reduce the number of cases to levels where individualised social contact tracing and quarantine may become feasible.

The study suggests a pattern for the lockdown which should start with a shutdown for 21 days followed by a break of five days. After this, a lockdown for another 28 days should be implemented with another break followed by another lockdown of 14 days. Alternatively, it has also suggested a lockdown period of 49 days in one go.