Shaheen Bagh: BJP, AAP make serious charges against each other

New Delhi: While the AAP has claimed the entire Shaheen Bagh protest was ‘scripted by the BJP’ and its leadership dictated each and every move of the agitators for electoral benefits in Delhi polls, the BJP slammed the AAP for accusing it of ‘orchestrating’ the protests against the citizenship law.

The BJP said the ruling party in Delhi was ‘shocked’ with the prospect of ‘losing’ support among the Muslims.

AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj alleged that the BJP’s campaign for the Delhi election centred around the Shaheen Bagh protests and it was the only party that benefited from the controversy surrounding the agitation.

Reacting sharply, Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta said the AAP is ‘shocked’ as its ‘votebank politics’ is under threat with Muslims from a CAA protest area joining the BJP.

AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal kept mum when the Shaheen Bagh protest was on. His party councilor is the main accused in the Delhi riots and now his party leaders are accusing that the CAA protest was planned by us, Gupta said.