Why should you dial ‘0’ when calling mobile from landline

Chennai: With the consideration of TRAI recommendation on ‘Ensuring Adequate Numbering Resources for Fixed Line and Mobile Services’, Department of Telecommunications has taken the decision of implementing the following:

* All Fixed to Mobile calls will be dialed with prefix ‘0’ from 15 January, 2021.

* There will be no change in dialing plan from fixed to fixed, mobile to fixed and mobile to mobile calls.

* Suitable announcement will be made for the same. This announcement shall be played whenever a subscriber dials a fixed to mobile call without prefixing ‘0’.

* All fixed line subscribers will be provided with ‘0’ dialing facility.

* A total of approximately 2539 million numbering series is expected to be generated from the above.

* This will free up sufficient numbering resources for future use.

* With the freeing up of sufficient numbering resources, more number ofconnections can be added in future which will be beneficial to the mobile customers at large.

* The above changes have been done in order to have minimum inconvenience to the subscribers and freeing up essential numbering resources.