‘Digital twin helps access physical assets virtually’

Chennai: Detroit Engineered Products’ (DEP) Digital Twin offering is said to be a significant aspect of Industry 4.0.

The transformation, it is said, was relevant to several industrial verticals, catering to product conceptualisation, product design, product validation, and manufacturing.

According to Shirin Hameed, CMO, DEP, “A Digital twin is essentially an enabler to convert a physical asset into a numerical asset. They are built to exist along with the life of the product, and help to optimise the real physical asset. They exchange data and interact through IoT. In the Digital twin, the actual product and the virtual model are no longer separate, but twin-like. It is a digital duplicate that represents a physical object or process, however it is not intended to replace a physical object; but merely to inform on its optimisation”.

Radha Krishnan, founder and president, DEP, said, “Digital twins are the key to efficiency when it comes to software development and the virtual commissioning of a machine”.

In Industry 5.0, Digital twin is expanding the framework and transforming it to another level.

Personalisation or Mass customisation is one aspect that product design would have to plan out for besides the focus moving towards Cognitive computing.