Compulsory retirement to be given to 9 IAS officers?

Chennai: Tamilnadu Information Commission has reportedly recommended to the State government to give compulsory retirement to nine IAS officials who headed the Teachers Recruitment Board from 2011 to 2020.

According to reports, the commission has requested to take action against Surjith K Chaudry, Vibhu Nayar, Kakarla Usha, Jagannathan, K Srinivasan, K Nandakumar, S Jayandi, N Venkatesh and G Latha.

The recommendation was made based on the inquiry carried out by the Commission on allegations against the officials, it is said.

The Commission reportedly said that it was not satisfied with the way in which the teacher recruitment exams were conducted.

In a letter to the Chief Secretary Rajeev Ranjan, the Commission mentioned that there was not transparency.

The Commission had mentioned that there were malpractices in setting the question paper and no action was taken against the complaints raised by the selectors.

The Commission reportedly said that these officials failed to perform their duty as government staffs.

The Commission added that the officials had continuously asked worng questions in the exams, gave wrong answer keys and not mentioned in which book the answer keys are available.

“Despite these faults happening every year, those who headed the exams failed to take corrective measures,” the Commission said.