Lebanese PM to ask Russia for political, economic support

Beirut: Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri intends to ask Russia for support in solving the country’s political and economic crisis during his visit to Moscow, a top official said here.

We believe that Russia can help in solving the political deadlock in Lebanon since Moscow has good ties with all political parties in Lebanon, and with the regional countries that have an influence on the situation in our country, George Chaaban, Hariri’s advisor on Russian affairs, told Xinhua news agency on Wednesday said in a phone interview.

Hariri will also ask for economic help, as Lebanon is in need for support in economy and trade in addition to social and humanitarian help, Chaaban added.

The advisor noted Russia is in favour of a government of specialists headed by Hariri without giving a veto power to any party.

Prime Minister-designate is expected to visit Russia to discuss with officials about Lebanon’s situation and the potential of receiving support from Mosco.

It is the third time that Hariri has been designated as the Lebanese Prime Minister.

He resigned in 2019 after nationwide protests that blame the ruling class for causing the country’s collapse.

Hariri was appointed Prime Minister for the third time in October 2020, but has been unable to form a cabinet since then in the light of his differences with President Michel Aoun on the form and nature of his cabinet.