Covid toll on rise in TN: 33 of Tamilnadu’s 59 deaths are from Chennai

Chennai: While the rise in Covid-19 cases is sending shivers to healthcare manages and people of Tamilnadu at one side, the increase in fatalities is becoming another cause of concern.

Out of the 59 victims who died on Thursday due to Covid, 33 are said to be in Chennai. Officials said this is due to the high number of cases being reported in the city.

Meanwhile, amid reports of shortage of oxygen and Covid medicines in several states, Tamilnadu Health Secretary Dr J Radhakrishnan said that there is surplus oxygen and adequate Remdesivir in the State.

‘We have almost 12,000 cases per day, but not all get admitted. Only 30 per cent need hospital admissions, and, as per clinical protocol, everybody is not given Remdesivir. As far as the government is concerned, there is no shortage of Remdesivir. We have adequate supply,’ he said.

He however accepted that there is a shortage in private facilities, and added that the State health department has stepped in and that on a case-to-case basis, after analysing the status of the patients, Remdesivir will be made available to them through the Tamilnadu Medical Services Corporation (TNMSC).