Thaman to score music for Shankar-Ramcharan movie

Music director SS Thaman will score music for the movie that brings together Ram Charan and acclaimed director Shankar and successful producers Dil Raju-Shirish duo.
This is Thaman’s first collaboration with Shankar. Thaman first began his career as an actor in Shankar’s ‘Boys’ and the music director is delighted about the collaboration with the master showman. He is looking forward to delivering a fabulous set of scores. Thaman made his debut as a music director in a Shankar-produced movie. ‘My first film was his production ‘Eeram’ – Tamil (Telugu – Vaishali). The first tune that I had composed for this movie received an instant approval from Shankar. It feels special to team up with such a fantastic director after all these years’, Thaman says.
The composer embarked on Ram Charan’s introduction song recording work in Hyderabad. As many as 135 various instrument players from different places have been roped in for this song.  Producers Dil Raju and Shirish are producing this movie as SVC’s 50th outing and the project will hit floors soon. Harshith Reddy will be co-producing the film.