Managing post-Covid pulmonary fibrosis

Chennai: A 42-year-old was hospitalised with severe bilateral Covid pneumonia with 95 per cent lung involvement and respiratory distress, coronary artery disease, Type II diabetes mellitus and systemic hypertension.

He developed cytokine storm and was managed in Covid ICU under the care of a team of doctors with oxygen support and medications. He was on ventilatory support for 15 days and was non infective for Covid later. Hence he was shifted to non-Covid ICU.

CT revealed CORADS–5, severe Covid pneumonia – peak phase with fibrotic changes within. Also, CT revealed lung involvement 95 per cent. Patient was gradually weaned off non-invasive ventilator support with regular physiotherapy, intensive medical care and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Patient walked out of the hospital in stable condition, said a statement from Venkataeswara Hospital.