Video and audio leaks send shock waves to TN BJP


Chennai: A day after the Tamilnadu unit of the BJP ousted him after he uploaded a sexually explicit video about KT Raghavan, YouTuber Madan Ravichandran uploaded audio tapes of an alleged conversation with the State president Annamalai.

Madan also alleged that Annamalai was behind the release of the sexually explicit video about KT Raghavan. He further claimed that it was Annamalai who forced him to release the video tapes. These developments have sent shock waves in party circles.

Madan Ravichandran said in the new video that Annamalai was aware of the content in the video and had told him to release it in the interest of justice.

In his latest video, Ravichandran has released an audio clip, allegedly of Annamalai, where he says he ‘will ruthlessly go after them.’

In one of the conversations, Annamalai is heard telling the member and his associate Venba to ‘publish’ the sleazy video tapes involving multiple leaders of the party which they claimed to have in their possession.

“If you publish them, tomorrow morning, I have to sack them… If you don’t publish them, it will be a bigger headache for me. I have to show it to the people, convince them and take action…,” he is heard saying.

Meanwhile, the Tamilnadu BJP president tweeted, “Three things guide me and will continue to guide me: the vision of playing a small part wherein BJP comes to power in Tamilnadu, the pride of being a simple ‘Thondar’ of this great party that is built on countless people’s sacrifice, and nation first always and every time! Jai Hind.”