Police complaint against Rajinikanth

Chennai: A complaint has been filed against actor Rajinikanth by an advocate named Tamilvendhan condemning the act by his fans to sacrifice a goat and pour its blood on the actor’s cut-out.

In his complaint, Tamilvendhan alleged that when the first look poster of ‘Annathae’ was out recently, fans of Rajinikanth crossed all limits by ruthlessly killing a goat as part of celebrations and poured its blood on the cut-out of actor.

‘This cruel act has let loose fear among women and children. Instead of condemning, Rajinikanth has kept quiet on the whole issue reported widely in media.’

When sacrifices are offered in temples at a remote place and even meat shops do them discreetly, such a barbaric act on the road in broad day light should be condemned. Action should be taken against Rajinikanth for supporting such acts through his silence, he added.