‘Enna Vazhka Da will sway youngsters’

Enna Vazhka Da music video is not just a catchy song but has a storyline that would impress audience. What happens when two girls enter a youngster ‘s life at the same time is the story, says director Dongli Jumbo.

A Saregama original, the video song features V J Rakshan, Sunita Gogoi, Swathishta and G P Muthu. Catchy music, wonderful dance with an engrossing story is the highlight of the music video, says Dongli Jumbo.

Having done many commercial advertisements besides being part of many music videos, the director says that he opted for such a star cast for they suit the mood well. The song is choreographed by Abu and Chals.

Asked if there is a market for music videos today, ‘Slowly it is getting created. Specially after the hit of Enjaami song, there is a demand for independent music albums’.

Enna Vazhka Da is made on a huge budget with nice feel amd glossy look. It will sway youngsters, he adds.