Review: Anbarivu

Director Aswin Raam’s Anbarivu’ starring Hip Hop Adhi in the dual-lead role is a family fare about estranged twins swapping places when they become youth for a cause.
Though the storyline sounds familiar and often seen in Tamil cinema, the commercial elements added here makes it watchable. It has a good dose of entertainment, emotions, humour, and sentiments.
Anbu and Arivu (Hip Hop Adhi) are twin babies born to Asha Sarath and Sai Kumar who are now not only estranged but also don’t see each other for over 25 years. Anbu stays with his mother and grandfather (Nepolean) in Madurai, growing up as a short-tempered, rugged man. Arivu lives with his father in Canada, as a level-headed and well-educated youth who after acquiring a new lease on life has turned out to be a leading entrepreneur himself. Eventually Arivu  swaps places with Anbu to reunite estranged families.
Adhi has done his part well. He is bubbly and energetic. He has enough scope to evoke humour. Nepolean is solid in his role. Asha Sarath and Sai Kumar chip in well. Viddarth foes a good job and looks refreshing as baddie.
Madeeh Manickam’s camera was bright & beautiful.  The dialogues were razor sharp. But length is a problem.
Though an old story, the movie engages in parts.
Produced by Sathyajothi Films, it is out on Disney Plus Hotstar.