Review: Pen Vilai Verum 999

Crime against women should end. They should be respected. This forms the crux of Pen Vilai Verum 999. Directed by Varadaraj, the movie delivers an important message about the safety of women.
A gang uses hidden cameras to videograph women during their private times and blackmail them. Many women commit suicide fearing social discrimination. The movie is about how a young girl Swetha Paandi gets caught in this gang and what does the hero played by Rajkamal do to save her from troubled
The first half is interesting and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. However, the story deviates from the core theme during the second half.
Rajkamal fits the character well and has delivered what the role demanded from him. Rajkamal plays his part well. He is at ease before the camera. He emotes well too. Swetha Pandi is at her best. She does a commendable job.She pours agony and anger well.
The background score by Vivek Chakravarthy, songs are by Judha Sandy, cinematography is by Satish Kumar and Karva Mohan. Editing by Saravanan GN could have been crispier.
On the whole, Penn Vilai Verum 999 is a movie with a message.