Russia-Ukraine row: Indian Army chief says ‘we need to be ready for future wars’

M M Naravane

New Delhi: Indian Army chief General M M Naravane has said the ‘biggest lesson that we can learn from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is that India needs to be ready to fight future wars with indigenous weapons.’

There are many lessons that can be learned from ongoing Ukraine and Russian war. The crisis shows that wars can happen at any time and we’ve to remain prepared for them, he said during an interview.

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia shows that a conventional war could happen, he said. Naravane underlined that the war between Russia and the eastern European country was being fought in a physical domain.

Is the war being fought in cyberspace or through air-conditioned chambers, he rhetorically asked, adding that this war shows that a ‘conventional war could happen’. ‘The war we are seeing is being fought physically on the ground,’ the Army chief said.

‘We have to be ready to fight future wars with indigenous weapons. Steps towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat in defense have to be taken more urgently. Wars of future should be fought with own weapon systems,’ he added.