Miss Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper ventures into Bollywood

Margo Cooper has many achievements to define her career.

She is an international cover model, Winner of Top Model of the World 2016, Miss Bulgaria 2019, a philanthrophist, an actress and so much more.To add another feather to her hat, she has now decided to foray into the glamorous world of Bollywood.

Living in London for the past 4-5 years, Margo now calls Mumbai her home to venture into the show business.

With being on the cover of multiple international magazines and working on various projects all over the world, Margo is a famous international celebrity leaving her traces all around the globe.She makes the perfect use of this opportunity by documenting and spreading awareness about the innumerable issues in the world.

Relating her experience of being a philanthrophist, she says, ‘I have my own project Compassionate travels for which I record documentaries and reportages from all over the world. I aim to spread awareness on different issues and to support small charities and people in need. The first project I ever made was in India on victims of sex trafficking and the last one is documentary about street children of Istanbul.”

A strong interest in mental health, psychology and sport activity will prove quite useful as Margo posses herself motivational speaker and social activist.