Kanchi seer visits Saraswathi temple at Vargal

Vargal : Vijayendra Saraswathi visited Saraswathi temple at Vargal about 50 kms from Skandagiri recently.

Vijayendra Saraswathi in his speech invoked Veda Mantras and Dhyana shlokas on Saraswathi Devi and said that the place has become a divine Kshetra for Saraswathi with blessings of Kanchi Jagadgurus and sustained spiritual activities.

A press release said that the temple run with blessings of Kanchi Acharyas has Sannidhis for Saraswathi, Skanda and Venkateshwara Swamy.

“The temple also runs a Smartha Veda Pathashala to train Veda Pathis and Purohits. So far about 175 such students have passed out. Several devotees throng the temple for performing Aksharabhyasam. The committee led by Sri Chandrashekhara Siddhanti has done phenomenal work in expanding the temple, pathashala and facilities for devotees,” the release added.