DGCA slaps Rs 5 lakh fine on IndiGo

DGCA fined IndiGo airline Rs 5 lakh for denying a specially-abled child boarding at Ranchi airport on May 7.

The child was denied permission to board the Ranchi-Hyderabad trip by IndiGo on May 9 because he was ‘visibly in terror.’

Because the youngster was not allowed to board, his parents, who were accompanying him, chose not to board as well. This is also the first time the aviation watchdog has imposed a financial fine on an airline.

The DGCA had on May 9 formed a three-member team to investigate the incident.

“It has been observed that the handling of the special child by the Indigo ground staff was deficient and ended up exacerbating the situation,” said a statement by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).