Maintain dignity, connect with masses: Guv R N Ravi

Maaintain dignity, avoid being ”sold out” in the ”marriage market” and connect with the masses, Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi has told a batch of newly-recruited civil servants from Maharashtra.
Ravi, a former special director of the Intelligence Bureau, also urged the young officers to keep themselves abreast of new technologies as they progress in their careers to effectively deal with the challenges posed by the policy of lateral entry and recruitment of experts by the government.
Addressing the officers on Tuesday evening, D K Jain, Member, Lok Pal, and a former chief secretary of Maharashtra, cautioned them against lowering of self-dignity.
”If you lower your dignity, the political masters will use you as a doormat,” Jain said at the felicitation ceremony organized by ”Pudche Paaul”, an organization founded by civil services officers from Maharashtra.