DMK moves petition in SC against judgment on EWS issues

DMK has moved review petition in the Supreme Court against the top court judgement upholding the Centre’s decision on Economically Weaker Section (EWS) issues and sought an open-court hearing of the petition seeking review of top court’s earlier order.
Earlier Five-judge Constitution bench by a majority of 3:2 had upheld the validity of the Constitution’s 103rd Amendment Act which provides 10 per cent EWS reservation in educational institutions and government jobs.
Amendment granting 10 per cent reservations to EWS was upheld on November 7.
In the petition, the petitioner DMK has sought to review the Supreme Court’s order dated November 7.
DMK has stated that since the impugned judgement affects 133 crore population has sought for “open court hearing.”
DMK, in the petition, said the top court has committed an error apparent on the face of the record by holding that abolition of reservations will abolish the caste system and lead to an egalitarian society and stressed that “such a finding is not correct.”
The caste system is not in existence because of reservations but vice versa.
The caste system is the most abhorrent, inhuman form of discrimination that classifies human being because of the circumstances of their birth.
In order to create a casteless society, one must abolish caste system in toto, including caste names, caste identification and caste practices.
When a human being is not permitted inside a temple because of their caste, reservation is not to blame. When a person is murdered in the name of ‘honour killing’ for marrying outside his caste, it is not the fault of reservation.
Thus, to create a casteless society, one must battle caste itself, not affirmative action, among other legal grounds seeking review of order of EWS Judgement, the DMK has stated the impugned judgement affects 133 crore population and has sought for “open court hearing.”
The DMK President and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin had convened all party meetings and took the decision to file the review petition before Supreme Court against EWS judgment.
Consequently today DMK has filed the review petition settled by P. Wilson Senior Advocate before Supreme Court.