Chinese confusion

Beijing is struggling to choose between economic recovery and Covid control and if China reimposes the ‘Zero-Covid’ policy to contain damages by upcoming Covid waves, there will be a huge impact on its economy.If not, people’s lives will be in danger. It is a double whammy for the country, writes Federico Giuliani in Insideover. China is facing a double whammy of Covid infections and economic crises, which are interlinked, and one gets worse if another is tried to be addressed. The number of new Covid cases is rising rapidly while businesses and industries are facing losses and shutdowns. There are predictions that China is expected to see more than one million Covid-related deaths in the coming days, reported Insideover.At the same time, the Chinese government is struggling to impose curbs thanks to a negative impact on the country’s economy. Analysts have forecast China’s economic growth to slump to 2.8-3.2 per cent this year, which would be the lowest in five decades.China has, for the first time, officially acknowledged Covid deaths in recent weeks. This has given credibility to reports of heavy death toll in the country due to Covid infections, said Giuliani. Crematoriums are busy and dead bodies covered in yellow bags can be seen lying on the floor. Even health workers are getting infected with coronavirus, leading to disruption of emergency and crematorium services.Bodies had to be kept waiting for three days before they are cremated.