CavinKare Ability Awards presented

CavinKare and Ability Foundation presented their 21st CavinKare Ability Awards for achievers with disabilities. A press release said that the awards were bestowed to five outstanding achievers who, with their grit and courage, overcame obstacles to embrace life to the fullest. In his message broadcast on the occasion, music composer A R Rahman commended CavinKare and Ability Foundation and felicitated the recipients. C K Ranganathan, chairman and managing director, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd. said, “The CavinKare Ability Awards are entering their 21st year after two prosperous decades and It has been a privilege for us to acknowledge and commemorate individuals with disabilities over these years. Watching these brave and gifted individuals display their brilliance in ways we could never even imagine is truly inspiring. We aspire to engage with many more individuals who have disabilities and extend our positive impact on them. We wish everyone who partook in the award ceremony a successful future and the best for their future endeavours.” Jayshree Raveendran, founder of Ability Foundation, said, “Today, as we celebrate the 21st year of the CavinKare Ability Awards for Achievers with Disabilities, I’m thrilled and humbled that we have been able to bring about some attitudinal change in the minds of people. I see people who enter the auditorium, leave with changed and different perceptions. This is what Ranganathan & I set out to do, right from the 1st year of the Awards. The intent has always been to spotlight the capabilities and inherent talents amidst disabled persons in an upbeat, pleasant evening programme, such that people genuinely have a great time and in the bargain, the stereotypical inabilities that they have mostly been exposed to, disappear and they are determined to reform their attitudes. By shifting the focus from problems to potentials, these Awards have a significant impact on the viewers and this in turn, on society.”