“Spreading propaganda…” Anurag Thakur slams foreign media

Union Minister Anurag Thakur on Friday lashed out at foreign news media outlets including the New York Times accusing them of spreading lies about India and its democratically elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a series of tweets, the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting said certain foreign media harboured a grudge against India and PM Modi “have long been systematically trying to peddle lies about our democracy and pleuritic society” “New York Times had long back dropped all pretensions of neutrality while publishing anything about India. NYT’s so called opinion piece on freedom of press in Kashmir is mischievous and fictitious published w/a sole motive to spread a propaganda about India and its democratic institutions and values,” Thakur posted. “This is in continuation with what NYT and a few other link-minded foreign media have been spreading lies about India and our democratically elected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji. Such lies can’t last long,” he said. He asserted that the Freedom of Press in India is as sacrosanct as other fundamental rights.