Cong workers held for protests against Khushbu

In a heated turn of events, several Congress workers found themselves in police custody on Tuesday as they attempted to picket the residence of National Commission for Women (NCW) member and BJP leader Khushbu Sundar. The protest stemmed from a controversial tweet made by Khushbu, drawing sharp criticism and condemnation from various quarters. Led by M P Ranjan Kumar, the head of the Congress’s state SC wing, party workers gathered near Khushbu Sundar’s residence, aiming to express their discontent with her recent social media post. The tweet in question involved the use of the term ‘Cheri’ in response to a critique from a DMK sympathizer regarding her alleged silence on the Manipur atrocities. The protesting Congress workers raised slogans against Khushbu Sundar, demanding accountability for her choice of language and seeking an apology. The State Congress SC wing had previously issued a threat to picket her residence if she did not express regret for the controversial tweet. However, the situation escalated when the Congress workers were arrested during their attempt to picket Khushbu’s residence on Tuesday morning. The move reflects the intensity of the dissatisfaction among certain political circles regarding the language used by the BJP leader. Amidst the protests, Khushbu Sundar remained steadfast in her position and refused to apologize for her choice of vocabulary in the critical tweet. She reasoned that her use of the term ‘Cheri’ was intended to convey a sense of lovability in French. @@@