Uttarkashi tunnel rescue: CM expresses relief

Chief Minister M K Stalin acknowledged the successful rescue of 41 workers who were trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel for over a fortnight. The chief minister conveyed his sentiments through a message posted on his official social media page late Tuesday night. Stalin expressed his relief, saying, “Relieved to hear that all 41 workers trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel collapse have been successfully rescued after 17 challenging days.” The acknowledgment reflects the collective sigh of relief felt not only by the government but by citizens across the nation who were closely following the harrowing rescue operation. The chief minister extended his heartfelt gratitude to the brave rescue teams and the rat-hole miners who played a pivotal role in the Silkyara tunnel rescue. Their relentless efforts and unwavering dedication were instrumental in ensuring the safe extraction of the trapped workers. “Wishing strength and resilience to the 41 courageous workers and their families,” Stalin added, emphasizing the physical and emotional toll the ordeal may have taken on the workers. @@@@