Thrust on civic amenities in Corpn Budget

Chennai: The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) kicked off its budget session for the fiscal year 2024-2025, marking the third consecutive year under the stewardship of Mayor R Priya.

With a slew of ambitious initiatives and allocations, the budget session commenced with a focus on enhancing civic amenities and addressing pressing challenges facing the city.

CCTV Installation
An allocation of Rs 7.64 crore has been earmarked for the installation of CCTV cameras across 255 corporation schools in the extended areas of 8 zones, aiming to bolster security and surveillance measures.

Child Protection Committee
In a bid to enhance child safety and welfare, the formation of Child Protection Committees in Chennai’s primary and middle schools has been announced. These committees, chaired by ward councillors, will play a pivotal role in safeguarding the interests of students.

Stray Animal Control
The GCC plans to bolster its efforts in controlling the population of stray dogs by procuring seven new vehicles at an estimated cost of Rs 70 lakh. Additionally, Rs 1.16 crore has been allocated for recruiting temporary workers to address the menace of stray cattle.

Water Body Desilting
A budget allocation of Rs 10 crore has been set aside for desilting eight water bodies, aimed at mitigating inundation risks during the monsoon seasons, thereby enhancing the city’s resilience to flooding.

Financial Projections
The GCC projects a revenue of Rs 4464.60 crore for the fiscal year 2024-25, with expenditures totaling Rs 4727.12 crore, resulting in a reduced revenue deficit of Rs 263 crores compared to the previous fiscal year.

Surplus Funds
Surplus funds of Rs 300 crore are expected in GCC’s capital account, with revenue from capital projected at Rs 3,455 crores and expenditure at Rs 3,140.58 crores, leaving the civic body with a surplus of Rs 315 crore.

Women’s Empowerment
The GCC aims to promote women’s health and fitness by setting up gyms named ‘EmpowHer’ in 200 wards, with an estimated cost of Rs 10 crore.

Infrastructure Development
Significant allocations have been made towards infrastructure development, including the repair of 4,750 roads and pavements at a cost of Rs 404 crore under various schemes.

Increased Funds for Development
The Mayor’s Development Fund has been increased from Rs 2 crore to Rs 3 crore, while ward councillors’ funds have been raised to Rs 45 lakh from Rs 40 lakh for FY 2024-25.

Technology Integration
A forward-looking initiative includes the allocation of Rs 1 crore to provide tablets for ward councillors, facilitating efficient communication and data management.

Cattle Welfare
Cattle owners meeting specific requirements will be granted shed licenses, reflecting the GCC’s commitment to promoting animal welfare within the city.