EC officials assess poll preparedness in TN

New Delhi: With the upcoming Parliamentary elections on the horizon, Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahoo has initiated preparatory work to ensure a smooth and efficient electoral process in Tamil Nadu.

Accompanied by a team of senior officials, Sahoo has embarked on a series of consultations and meetings aimed at laying the groundwork for the forthcoming polls.

In a significant development, Rajiv Kumar, along with Election Commissioner Arun Goel and other key officials, arrived in Chennai to oversee the preparatory activities. Their visit underscores the Election Commission’s commitment to ensuring the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.

The consultation meeting, which commenced in Chennai, saw the participation of representatives from various recognised political parties, including DMK, ADMK, Congress, and BJP, among others. The discussions encompassed crucial aspects such as the proposed election date, polling station arrangements, and the implementation of the electoral code of conduct.

Following the advisory meeting with political parties, Chief Election Commissioner Satyabrata Sahoo is scheduled to engage with Collectors and Superintendents of Police to coordinate election-related logistics and security measures. These interactions are vital in ensuring the effective deployment of resources and personnel to facilitate a free and fair electoral process.

Looking ahead, Sahoo is slated to hold meetings with Chief Election Officers and state police nodal officers from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala to further streamline coordination efforts and address any logistical challenges that may arise.

Additionally, Sahoo held discussions with the Chief Secretary and Director General of Police, underscoring the collaborative approach between the Election Commission and state authorities in ensuring the successful conduct of the elections.

As preparations intensify, the Election Commission remains committed to upholding the democratic principles and safeguarding the sanctity of the electoral process. With the active involvement of all stakeholders, including political parties, government officials, and law enforcement agencies, Tamil Nadu is poised to witness a credible and inclusive electoral exercise that reflects the will of the people.

In anticipation of LS polls, major political parties in Tamil Nadu have commenced their preparations. The ruling DMK has been actively training booth committee members and booth agents, adopting an assertive approach. In contrast, the opposition AIADMK has planned series of meetings to uplift the spirits of party cadre. The state unit of the BJP has completed a State-wide padayatra led by state president K Annamalai.