Annamalai revives Hindutva campaign 

State BJP President K Annamalai reignited the Hindutva campaign on Monday, asserting that former Chief Minister and AIADMK matriarch J Jayalalithaa was a far superior Hindutva leader. He highlighted her efforts, including gathering around 20 lakh signatures from AIADMK workers for the construction of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple.
Speaking to reporters after a party workers’ meeting at Aminjikarai, Annamalai stated, “If Jayalalithaa had been there, she would have been the first person to visit the Lord Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.” He invited AIADMK leaders, including Jayalalithaa’s close aide VK Sasikala, to an open debate on the topic, emphasizing that Hindutva is a way of life, not just a religion.
In response to criticism from Congress leader EVKS Elangovan regarding beef consumption, Annamalai defended his stance, saying, “I have no right to tell you not to eat beef. But I respect it as our goddess. I am the one who is doing agri farming with it (cow). You should read what Mahatma Gandhi has written about cow meat.”
Addressing remarks made by NTK chief coordinator Seeman, Annamalai urged Seeman to respond to Vijayalakshmi’s questions instead of targeting him. He also requested Seeman not to dissolve his party, stating, “His voice should be heard in Tamil Nadu.”
Annamalai also criticized TNCC chief K Selvaperunthagai for comparing Kamaraj’s rule with the current administration under CM Stalin, suggesting that such comparisons disparaged Kamaraj’s legacy. Additionally, he expressed his respect for actor Prakash Raj as an artist but criticized his political stance, noting that Raj lacks political experience.
Earlier in the day, during a closed-door meeting with BJP workers, Annamalai warned that action would be taken against those who did not perform well in the recent Lok Sabha elections. He acknowledged allegations of money swindling and hinted at a reshuffle in key party positions after June 4.
The meeting was attended by prominent leaders, including MoS L Murugan, former governor Tamilisai Soundararajan, senior leaders, election candidates, and district presidents, indicating a strategic consolidation of the party’s efforts as the Lok Sabha elections approach their final phase.