DMK expresses displeasure over Exit Polls

DMK spokesperson T K S Elangovan expressed strong confidence that the BJP would not secure a single seat in Tamil Nadu or its neighboring states. “In Tamil Nadu, the INDIA bloc will sweep all the 39 constituencies,” Elangovan asserted. Exit polls had predicted that the BJP could win up to five seats in Tamil Nadu, with over 35 seats going to the INDIA bloc and zero to two seats for the AIADMK.
Elangovan criticized the exit poll predictions for other southern states as well, labeling them as flawed. He pointed out that in Karnataka, the Congress recently defeated the BJP in the assembly polls, and similarly, the Congress ousted the BRS in Telangana. Elangovan predicted a repeat of these outcomes in the Lok Sabha elections, claiming the INDIA bloc would also dominate in Kerala, although he conceded that the BJP might win a couple of seats in Andhra Pradesh where it has allied with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) led by N Chandrababu Naidu.
MDMK chief secretary Durai Vaiko echoed the skepticism about exit polls, stating he did not trust them. He confidently predicted that the DMK coalition would win all 39 seats in Tamil Nadu, a sentiment he believed was clear from the campaign stage itself.
Speaking to reporters in Alanganallur, Durai Vaiko commented on the BJP’s expected win in Arunachal Pradesh, attributing it to local issues rather than a broader national trend. He forecasted that the INDIA bloc would win 350 or more seats nationwide and form the government at the Centre. In response to a question, he affirmed that the MDMK would not seek any ministerial portfolios if the INDIA bloc forms the government.