Haraa – Review

Revenge saga
Haraa revolves around a father, Ram (Mohan), who is traumatised by the suicide of his college-going daughter and embarks on a mission to uncover the truth behind her death. His investigation uncovers a series of sinister activities, from the sale of counterfeit drugs to the coercion of girls into prostitution. The narrative follows Ram’s relentless pursuit of justice as he navigates a web of deceit and corruption.
Actor Mohan, known for his iconic roles in Tamil cinema, returns to the big screen with ‘Haraa,’ a film that aspires to be an intelligent, investigative thriller but falls short of expectations. Despite its promising premise, the film struggles to maintain coherence and engagement, ultimately becoming a long-drawn, uninspiring drama.
Director Vijay Sree attempts to create an air of mystery and suspense from the outset, with Ram (initially introduced as Ibrahim) performing Namaz before his true identity is revealed. The film’s narrative, however, is marred by a series of sequences that seem either inconsequential to the plot or artificial. The screenplay raises several questions within the first half-hour, but only a few are answered satisfactorily, leaving many loose ends.
Mohan, in his dual portrayal as Ram/Ibrahim, strives to depict a determined father but only partially succeeds. His performance is hindered by a script that fails to do justice to the complexity of his character. Anumol, playing Nila, also faces a similar challenge, and the chemistry between the two actors is unconvincing, partly due to the casting choices. Mohan appears younger than Anumol, which affects the believability of their relationship as a married couple.
‘Haraa’ attempts to address significant social issues, including the harassment of women and the dangers of counterfeit drugs. However, the film’s approach to these themes is often heavy-handed and didactic. The portrayal of shooting boys found misbehaving with college girls as a deterrent to molestation and rape is particularly problematic and detracts from the overall narrative.
The film’s technical aspects, including cinematography and editing, are competent but do little to elevate the overall viewing experience. The pacing is uneven, with the plot meandering before finally making sense towards the climax. By the time the narrative reaches its resolution, viewers may find themselves drained and disconnected from the story.