Oppn hits out at Modi over ‘Emergency’ remark, says govt must focus on current issues

Opposition leaders hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “Emergency” remark on Monday, questioning his government’s style of functioning and saying that it needs to focus on present issues.
Addressing the media in the Parliament complex ahead of the start of the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha, Modi mentioned that the anniversary of the Emergency falls on June 25 and termed it a black spot in India’s parliamentary history when the Constitution was discarded and the country turned into a prison.
Reacting to the remark, Mahua Moitra of the TMC said the BJP fell short of a majority in the election because the people of the country have realised that it is against the Constitution.
“From 303, the BJP is down to 240, they are running a minority government. They kept saying ‘400-paar’ but could not even get a simple majority.
“The only reason is that the people of the country have understood that there is BJP on one side and the Constitution on the other. People have chosen the Constitution,” Moitra said.
She also said that under the BJP government at the Centre, there had been an “undeclared emergency” in the country.
“I was not born during the first Emergency, but they (BJP) had been running an undeclared emergency for the last 10 years and the people of the country said it would not be allowed,” the TMC leader added.