EPS criticises Anti-NEET resolution as ‘political gimmick’

Leader of Opposition Edappadi K Palaniswami has criticized the recent resolution adopted by the DMK government urging the Centre to give assent to the NEET Exemption Bill, calling it a “political drama” meant to divert attention from the Kallakurichi hooch tragedy. Palaniswami also urged the BJP-led Centre to re-evaluate NEET in Parliament and introduce a bill to scrap the exam during the ongoing session.
Sharp Criticism of DMK’s Actions
Palaniswami expressed his views on social media, accusing the DMK and its alliance parties of failing to take effective action against NEET despite having significant representation in Parliament. “The DMK and its allies had 38 MPs between 2019 and 2024, and now they have 40 MPs. Yet, they are unable to bring a resolution in Parliament and instead move a resolution in the Tamil Nadu Assembly for the third time. How will this benefit anyone? This resolution is yet another political drama by the DMK government,” he stated.
Allegations of Diversion Tactics
Palaniswami further alleged that the DMK government has brought forward the anti-NEET resolution to distract from the recent Kallakurichi hooch tragedy. He claimed that the people of Tamil Nadu would not be deceived by such “futile political gimmicks” and that the resolution serves no practical purpose in addressing the concerns surrounding NEET.
Call for Parliamentary Action
In contrast to the DMK’s approach, Palaniswami called on the BJP-led Centre to reconsider NEET within Parliament and to table a bill to abolish the exam during the current session. He emphasized the need for a concrete legislative approach to resolve the issues related to NEET, rather than symbolic resolutions at the state level.
Background on the NEET Controversy
The debate over NEET has been a contentious issue in Tamil Nadu, with critics arguing that the exam puts students from certain regions and socio-economic backgrounds at a disadvantage. The DMK government has consistently opposed NEET and sought exemption for the state, advocating for medical admissions based on Class 12 marks instead.
The recent resolution by the Tamil Nadu Assembly is part of these ongoing efforts, but it has sparked political controversy, with opponents accusing the ruling party of using the issue for political gain.